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The Chosen One Of Arroyo

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Name:Sativa Of Arroyo
Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:Arroyo, California, United States of America
Name: Sativa
Birthdate: March 23 2223
Birthplace: Arroyo, Oregon, former USA
Age: 18 years, 4 months (as at July 25 2241)

Physical description: Average build, brown eyes, dark brown hair

Clothing: Vault 13 suit inherited by rite of trial from the original Vault Dweller
Leather jacket, single sleeve
Pip-Boy 2000 electronic Personal Information Processor, secure to left wrist by a biometric lock

Skills & abilities:
Basic hand & fist based combat, some boxing training
Knife & spear handling against non-human & plant opponents
Tracking & hunting, Gecko-skinning specialist
Beginner in small arms marksmanship

Relatives & acquaintances
The Village Elder
Nagor (younger cousin, owner of Smoke, the village dog)
Morlis (Aunt, doesn't really like Sativa)
Feagus (nephew)
Hakunin, Shaman, medicine man & mentor

Vault 13 has broken water purifier control chip. Vault Dweller leaves Vault to find Water Chip. Vault Dweller comes back with water chip, has to go back to sort out growing mutant threat. Vault Dweller saves world, is exiled by asshole Overseer, travels north and founds nice little village. Village shuns worldly ways for more simplistic way of life, like Amish but without the beards.

Much later, village suffers heavy drought, disease, starvation, faces doom. Village Elder tells latest descendant of Vault Dweller they are the chosen one. Chosen One to venture out into wasteland, find Vault 13, return with Garden Of Eden Creation Kit to save village.

Chosen One asks, "Why me?"

Chosen One yet to receive satisfactory answer.

[Sativa, the Chosen One is from Fallout 2, and is the property of Interplay & Black Isle Studios (although Bethsheda currently owns the franchise). She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Thank you for not setting the Super-Mutant Legal Team on me.]

Interests (24):

arroyo, aunt morliss, big mutant rats, big mutated ants, big mutated everything, elder, feargus, geck, geckos, guns, hakunin, healing powder, irradiated snack foods, mynoc, nagor, pipboy 2000, radscorpions, sharp pointy things, shooting big mutated animals, skinning lizards, smoke, spears, two-headed cows, vault 13

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